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Big Maw Bertha’s in Gatlinburg – Best Escape Game on Earth

By Josh Young, Theme Park University | Published: February 24, 2018
After playing escape rooms all over the globe from London to New York, Los Angeles and beyond, what’s my favorite, you ask? There are a lot of great games out there. For example, in London there’s a game where your job is to find a bottle of wine hidden by the corpse of a headmistress in a gorgeously decorated attic from the 1920s. In Los Angeles, you’re trapped in a basement by a deranged psychopath who’s looking to kill you if you don’t solve the deranged puzzles he’s set out for you in one hour. But if I had to had to pick the standout favorite, it’s an escape room about making illegal moonshine in a redneck’s shack in Gatlinburg, Tenn…

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By Chris Moschella, Escape Authority | September 4, 2017
The most wacky, backwards backwoods family you’ve ever done see sets the scene for an immersive adventure that’s goofier than a pet coon! This is Big Maw Bertha’s Fussin’ & A’ Feudin’ Moonshine Hill Hootenanny – a slapstick comedy escape game that transports players into a cartoon world full of Hollywood-quality set pieces, theatrical lighting, cued audio, special effects and more than a few dead animals!

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