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Curse of the Kraken’s Eye

Pigeon Forge

Throughout pirate lore, there are tales of supernatural gem that could tame the stormiest of seas. Known as the Kraken’s Eye, this legendary jewel has been fought over by every pirate that sailed the oceans. Yet, owning the gem is fraught with peril. The Kraken’s Eye is said to be cursed. It yields unlimited power but eventually spells doom for whoever commands it.

curse of the kraken's eye escape game gatlinburg tn
the haunting of hyde house escape room gatlinburg tn

The Haunting of Hyde House


Built in 1891, Hyde House hosted families, foreign dignitaries, and heads of state, all guests of the prominent Hyde Family – Harrison, Constance and their young daughter Isabella. Though stories conflict, the family’s sudden misfortune centers around the untimely death of Isabella, after which Harrison and Constance disappeared without a trace. Some believe it was an accident; others suspect a much more sinister fate. 

haunting of hyde house escape game gatlinburg tn
atlantis escape game gatlinburg tn

The Legend of Atlantis


World famous explorer Hathaway Wren made the discovery of a lifetime. Several weeks have passed since Wren’s groundbreaking transmission, and all attempts to contact him have proven futile. You must find your way through hidden doors and secret passageways into the Temple of Poseidon if you have any hope of finding Hathaway and locating the five Atlantean Power Crystals that will change the course of human existence, as we know it.

atlantis escape game gatlinburg tn
moonshine hill hootenanny escape room gatlinburg tn



For years Paw and Maw had been runnin’ neck and jiggly neck with each other but Maw reckons she might could have a new secret recipe so good it’ll put hair on your chest and Paw outta’ business for good -and you can bet Paw ain’t havin’ none of neither! She’s fixin’ to hold a hootenanny tonight to celebrate the launch of her new brew, so there ain’t much tickin’ and a tockin’ left on the old time wheel for Paw to stop ‘er before it’s too late.

moonshine hootenanny escape game gatlinburg tn
masters of magic escape room gatlinburg tn

Masters of Magic

The Village Location

Enter into the Realm of Illusions, a mystic venue known as the “other side of magic,” where truly powerful magic takes place. Only those possessing magical abilities are selected to partake in a special magician’s challenge. Those that succeed will become part of a select group — the Masters of Magic.

masters of magic escape game gatlinburg tn